Top 12 G FUEL Moments Of 2019

Top 12 G FUEL Moments Of 2019

Top 12 G FUEL Moments Of 2019

It’s always amazing to think how fast time goes in one year. This year was no exception for the staff here at G FUEL. We did some amazing things in 2019, none of which we could have done without you, our fans! You all love us so much that we were able to achieve so many new and awesome goals.

The following list is just some of our favorite moments from 2019. Starting with …

12. G FUEL Collaborates with Mike Perry on HYPE SAUCE.


The Emmy-winning, Brooklyn-based artist Mike Perry took his time and skills and channeled his artistic vision to help G FUEL with a new flavor. With his wonderful psychedelic illustration, he poured his talents into HYPE SAUCE's mind-bending packaging.

We were so excited to work with him that we  and global creative studio HYPEMAKER threw a massive and free HYPE SAUCE pop-up party on September 12th at the Hotel 50 Bowery in Manhattan Attendees were able to taste and buy HYPE SAUCE, they received free merch, and they were able to compete in a Super Smash Bros. tournament for a chance to win an exclusive pair of black Nike Air Presto Off-White sneakers.

Special party guests included multi-platinum artist T-Pain, FaZe Clan member and professional Fortnite player Nate Hill, Faze Clan member and Call of Duty professional Doug "Censor" Martin, and FaZe Clan owner and founder, FaZe Temperrr. It was a party we will never forget.

11. G FUEL is Named to the Inc. 5000 List for the Fourth Consecutive Year.


The annual Inc. 5000 recognizes the fastest-growing private companies in America. Companies are ranked by the percentage growth of their annual revenue over a three-year period. G FUEL’s three-year annual revenue growth from 2015 to 2018 was 214%. It was an amazing honor to make the Inc. 5000 for the fourth year in a row. Again, thanks to our fans, customers, employees, and partners!

Cliff Morgan, G FUEL Founder and CEO, said at the time, “Being recognized on the Inc. 5000 is a reflection of our employees’ relentless dedication and hard work combined with our customers’ and partners’ unwavering support. We look forward to continued growth as we provide the energy, focus, hydration, and endurance that gamers and professional esports players around the world need to crush their competition.”

10. G FUEL Reaches 5 Million Views on Twitch.


This is another one where we have to thank all involved. The fans kept us going, our amazing mods kept is fun for all, and our endless list of content creators and our #GSQUAD kept giving great content for you to watch. You all pulled it off, and 5 million views on Twitch is an amazing goal to reach.

9. G FUEL Sponsors Players Competing at the Fortnite World Cup and Hosts a Bootcamp and Exclusive Afterparty for Participants.


Whether you play Fortnite or not, you have to admit that the Fortnite World Cup was a huge esports event. G FUEL was there and we had a blast. We even sponsored players from FaZe Clan, Misfits Gaming, Eleven Gaming, and Kungarna, and hosted a bootcamp:


G FUEL was also well represented in the Solos with 16 competitors competing. Fatch was the top performer for G FUEL finishing a fantastic 10th place and winning $225,000. In total, there were five G FUEL-sponsored competitors finished in the top 20 with Fatch, Kyle "Mongraal" Jackson, Klaus "Stompy" Konstanzer, Danny "Dubs" Walsh, and Cody "Clix" Conrod.

And let’s not forget about FaZe Cizzorz who trained ridiculously hard (watch his training video below) and captained Fish Fam at the Fortnite World Cup. Cizzorz, along with hiimtylerh, Zand, and Suezhoo, took home first place in the Fortnite World Cup Creative.


Once the event was over that Saturday in NYC, there was only one destination to cool off, unwind, and kick it with the who's-who of gaming. Yes, G FUEL was so proud of our players that we threw another massive party to celebrate at LAVO for a World Cup Afterparty.


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8. G FUEL launches Pixel Potion flavor at TwitchCon San Diego.


One thing that G FUEL knows how to do best is having a flavor reveal. So, of course, we were going to do something this year at TwitchCon. We went big! Our booth had a big ol’ custom armored truck and samples galore. We even streamed on Twitch for our fans to watch as we unveiled the new flavor Pixel Potion.

Everyone there was able to buy tubs and limited-edition collectors boxes of the new flavor, and meet various professional esports players, gamers, and streamers including: Lirik, Cizzorz, Nate Hill, Dubs, and Megga from FaZe Clan, Cahlaflour, SavinTheBees, ActionJaxon, and so many more. We love Twitch users and creators. 

7. G FUEL Partners with Bandai Namco to Release Code Vein-inspired Type O Flavor and Shaker Cups.


Code Vein is a vampire Dark Souls-esk action RPG set in a post apocalyptic world. Bandai Namco is a game developer that had given us everyone from Pac-Man to Goku on our gaming console/PC of choice. It was our pleasure to partner up with them to release our 32nd flavor, Type O

The Type O tubs come with a fantastic art piece of the main protagonist and another one with a character named Mia. The shaker we created for them has the Code Vein logo on it and it is awesome. The best part is it actually tastes like Blood … not really. Imagine it did though? Spooky.

6. G FUEL Collaborates with Roman Atwood on Bahama Mama Flavor and Shaker Cup.


The summer was on its way, and we wanted and needed a cool refreshing summer taste. So we got a hold of YouTube celebrity and G FUEL ambassador Roman Atwood, and he was delighted to help us out. We thought it would be most appropriate to quench yall’s thirst with some sunny tropical vibes. So Roman came up with Bahama Mama.

Just like the name suggests, Bahama Mama tastes just like that mouth-watering cocktail of lush ingredients sourced straight from the Bahamas. It’s as if you’ve been teleported to a remote island made of G FUEL.

5. G FUEL Partners with Walmart and Sponsored Free Gaming Events at Esports Arenas.


In November, we partnered with Walmart to sponsor some free gaming events at the grand opening of Walmart Esports Arenas in Nashville and Kansas City. Fans got to meet some of their favorite G FUEL-sponsored streamers and esports players. Fans were also able to get their merch signed and play games with the streamers and esports players. Replays, Big E, ONE_shot_GURL, Fooya, FaZe Dirty, and many more showed up to hang with fans all day.

We also were dishing out a ton of free G FUEL samples and doing plenty of on-site giveaways. Fans even got to sample TSM Daequan's new G FUEL flavor, Dubmelon Mint! There was also Fortnite and Super Smash Bros. tournaments for them to compete in to win all sorts of prizes.

4. G FUEL Collaborates with KSI on Strawberry Banana Flavor and the Official KSI Shaker Cup.


British YouTuber, internet personality, rapper, boxer, and G FUEL ambassador KSI wanted a flavor that would taste great in water and in milk. So together we made Strawberry Banana!

Smoothie enthusiasts, fresh fruit lovers, advocates for all that is good and sweet in this world would agree that this was a must need. Believe it or not, this flavor combo was, perhaps, one of our most frequently requested flavors, and KSI was able to make it a reality for fans.

What is there to possibly dislike here? Nothing. It’s strawberry and banana, it’s a fruity blend of energy and deliciousness worthy of the G FUEL Gods themselves.

3. G FUEL Collaborates with PewDiePie on Lingonberry Flavor and Shaker Cups.


What can we say other than, “Wow.” Yes, the Swedish YouTuber and our most treasured friend finally unveiled his G FUEL flavor and shaker cup to the world. This was our epic gamer moment. The PewDiePie-inspired G FUEL flavor, Lingonberry, went live in October, and it was one of the fastest selling shaker cups and flavors we put out this year.

You absolutely let PewDiePie know that his Lingonberry flavor was something you were all desperately waiting for. Even if many of us had no idea what Lingonberry was. Raise your hand if you though it was just going to be “Cherry PIE.”

2. G FUEL collaborates with FaZe Clan on Battle Juice flavor.


We’ve been working with FaZe Clan forever. So creating a new flavor with our favorite esports team was exhilarating. 

Well, that’s sort of how it went anyway. Remember that time we discontinued our beloved Pineapple flavor and a bunch of people got really upset about it? Well, FaZe Clan was right there with you. They decided to do something about it.

We finally came around after hearing all of your cries, and we decided to bring it back. This time around, with our own FaZe Clan/battle royale-inspired spin on it.

Right at the beginning of 2019, we introduced Battle Juice. While it sounds like we teamed up with the BeetleJuice Broadway play here in New York, it was actually thanks to FaZe Clan that this was made possible. It’s got the same, awesome taste as Pineapple, but with a fancy new look.

1. G FUEL Launches Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Cans for Purchase Online Nationwide.


Finally, our number one, most exciting thing that we did this year. We introduced and started selling G FUEL cans online. That’s right, G FUEL's RTD energy drink became available in four of our company's most popular and delicious flavors: FaZeberry® (which was developed in partnership with world-renowned professional esports organization FaZe Clan), Blue Ice, Sour Cherry, and Rainbow Sherbet.

The cans feature a proprietary combination of 300 milligrams of PurCaf® organic caffeine, S7™, a blend of seven plant-based ingredients, and assorted vitamins such as B6 and B12 ⁠— all with zero sugar and zero calories.

The result is enhanced gaming performance due to increased energy, extreme focus, and improved reaction time, all without the crash that's associated with sugary energy drinks.

"For years our customers and the gaming community have been begging us to release a ready-to-drink version of our energy formula powder. Today, that becomes a reality," said G Fuel Founder and CEO Cliff Morgan at the time. "We work hard to meet our customers' needs while also pushing the envelope, and we're proud to introduce a game-changing product that does both."

It was a truly exciting moment for both us and you.

What was your favorite G FUEL moment this year?

Tell us in the comments section below! 

We wish you all a stellar New Year and hope that 2020 continues to blow you out of the water. G FUEL is so happy that you all love us so much that we are able to do all of these events and special collaborations. We can’t wait to tell you about all the things we have planned for 2020!


Top image via Twitter/@Griizzly

This article was written by John D. AKA SomeBeardy2Love. John has been gaming for over 30 years, has a podcast, and watches nothing but anime and Bob’s Burgers. He has a sponsored beard and a modest book collection.