Top 5 Moments from Call of Duty Launch Weekend 2020

Top 5 Moments from Call of Duty Launch Weekend 2020

Call of Duty fans tuned in online and attended the Call of Duty League Launch Weekend at The Armory in Minneapolis to watch three days of action. All 12 squads played two matches to help determine their seeding for London Royal Raven’s event from February 8 to 9. After a five-month long off-season, players were ready to show off their hard work in front of the entire world.

There were tons of great memories throughout the weekend. Here our top five moments from CDL Launch Weekend:

1. Scump’s Hype

Every CoD fan knows who the King is, and he made sure to remind everybody this weekend. After beating their main rival, Dallas Empire, 3-1 in the opening series of the CDL, Scump leaped out of his chair to remind some of his old teammates who was the boss.

Later during his post-game interview on the desk, he sent a message to ex-OpTic Gaming teammate, Ian “Crimsix” Porter.

2. Los Angeles Guerillas forfeit a map vs. Minnesota ROKKR

It didn’t take long for the first bit of drama to appear in the CDL. In the middle of a game 2 on Piccadilly Search and Destroy, Guerillas’ Andres Lacefield equipped the banned perk Hardline. It was discovered at the end of the SnD round, which Guerillas’ initially won, that since the player used a banned perk, the round would be automatically forfeited to Minnesota. Minnesota took their momentum after a 1-1 tied series to eventually win 3-1. During Patrick “Aches” Price’s walkout for his match against Flordia Mutineers, he held up a handwritten sign to let everybody know his feelings about the forfeited map.

3. “Legion’s OpTic” 

Almost every caster and analyst had Paris Legion ranked on the bottom of their power rankings. With Paris’ roster consisting of players from North America, Australia, and Europe, their chemistry remained a mystery for most. They were able to deliver an upset 3-2 victory over OpTic Gaming to prove their spot in the conversation as one of the best in CDL. The organization marked its first W with a playful post on social media to remind everybody that online play is not the same as LAN.

4. Atlanta slays an Empire

One of the most anticipated matches of Launch Weekend, Atlanta FaZe against Dallas Empire, didn’t turn out like many people expected. In a battle with #1 and #2 in the initial power rankings, Empire didn’t stand a chance against Atlanta’s aggressive playstyle. The series was a quick 3-0 sweep for Atlanta when several expected the series to go down to a game 5, round 11. During Empire’s post-game press conference, Crimsix stated that the new patch delivered a day before the event messed with their team’s strategies since the meta changed.

5. GaryVee lets the crowd know who the Real North is

Minnesota ROKKR’s co-owner, Gary “GaryVee” Vaynerchuk, stopped by the main desk to talk alongside Chicago Huntsmen co-owner Hector “Hecz” Rodriguez. While GaryVee was hyping the crown for the battle of the north against Toronto Ultra, he dropped a few “F” bombs during the live broadcast. The crowd cheered on GaryVee as broadcast had to slyly inform him that cursing wasn’t allowed. It created a hilarious moment that fans will remember.

What was your favorite moment from CDL Launch Weekend?

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This article was written by Amanda Zelauskas.