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🎵He is THE GREAT MIGHTY POO, and he’s going to throw his sh … 🎵

Err, you know the rest of the song.

Inspired by Rare Ltd.’s hilarious classic platformer “Conker’s Bad Fur Day,” G FUEL’s flavor scientists ventured into the bowels of The Great Mighty Poo’s lair to pick out the finest morsels from his aromatic abode: CORN! As a matter of fact, we’re positively FLUSH with juicy corn niblets (don’t worry, we’ve cleaned them off)!

Get energized for any “Bad Fur Day” that comes your way with this delicious Tropical Corn Soda mix, whether you find yourself surfing on a river of lava, battling evil teddy bears or, yes, encountering a giant mountain of poo who just happens to sing “Sloprano.” Each Collector’s Box comes with a 40-serving tub featuring Conker, Berri and the Great Mighty Poo himself, along with an exclusive Youtooz 'The Mighty Poo' Vinyl Figure!