Roman Atwood's Bahama Mama G FUEL Is Now Available!

Calling all Roman Atwood fans!

The day has finally come.

It’s positively tropical.

It’s impossibly refreshing.


Roman Atwood’s “Bahama Mama” G FUEL!!!


With summer right around the corner, we thought it’d be most appropriate to quench yall’s thirst with some sunny tropical vibes.

Just like the name suggests, “Bahama Mama” tastes like a mouth-watering cocktail of lush ingredients sourced straight from the Bahamas.

And would ya’ just get a load of the packaging?! It’s as if you’ve been teleported to a remote island made of G FUEL.

Roman Atwood Bahama Mama Collectors Box

So grab a Bahama Mama Collector’s Box, or just a tub of Bahama Mama G Fuel, throw on a neon bathing suit, take your taste buds on a vacation, and of course -- #SmileMore