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The G FUEL Scoop: September 2018
28,08,2018 G FUEL News Comments (0)
The G FUEL Scoop: September 2018
Keemstar Cotton Candy G FUEL Flavor

Keemstar’s Cotton Candy G FUEL Flavor has officially arrived!!! Now is THE time to punch your admission ticket to our magnificent carnival of pure taste bud pleasure!!! Marvel at the seamless fusion of cotton AND candy! Ride the merry-go-round of energy goodness! Oh, and if this news wasn’t already exciting enough, our Cotton Candy Collector’s Box Bundle is also available in limited supply! In this bundle, you will get a scrumptious Tub of Cotton Candy, a stylin’ Drama Alert Shaker, a super-convenient G FUEL 2 GO Scooper, and an Official PINTRILL x G FUEL Cotton Candy Collector’s Pin (included in the 1st 2,000 orders) – All wrapped in a stunning Cotton Candy-themed Collector’s Box!!! Get in on the hype today!!!  GET THE NEW FLAVOR

Halo World Championships G FUEL Shaker Cup

HCS LONDON – AKA - Halo World Championship Series London – Is almost here! September 14th-16th to be precise! And seeing as it’s right around the corner, we figured we’d let you know that our G FUEL x HCS Shaker will be released in conjunction with the event launch! And c’mon! Just look at this baby! The appropriately-colored, Mark Vl Mjolnir Spartan Armor-inspired design! That classic HCS logo! The subtle, yet vibrant accents! This is a Shaker that would have even Master Chief shakin’ in his size 20 boots with excitement (he’s a big guy, so we’re assuming he wears big boots)! So, yeah! Be on the lookout for this bad boy to drop and if you’re looking to attend the event, just head to the link below!


 Philly Philly G FUEL Shaker Cup

Remember that time The Eagles of Philadelphia vanquished the Patriots of New England in stunning fashion at Super Bowl LII?! Well, we certainly do! And if you recall correctly, we said that we were going to launch an Eagles-Inspired Shaker on opening day of the upcoming NFL Season - And guess what? We kept our promise! Accordingly, our “PHILLY SHAKER” will be making its debut on our Official G FUEL App and Website on September 6th – AKA –The kickoff of the 2018-2019 NFL Season! Be sure to set a reminder and have your wallet ready!


Meet Our Finance Team!

You know what they say – Mo’ money, mo’ problems! Well, ya’ know what? Thanks to the frugal, responsible, and watchful eyes of our Finance Team, our G FUEL empire is pretty much the best it’s ever been! Wasteful spending? Forget about it! Optimizing revenue streams?? Heck yes!! The efficient management of equities, inventory, and insurance policies??? They’re about it!!! So, please join us in sharing our thanks and gratitude with them – It’s thanks to them that we can afford to provide you with the goodness that is G FUEL!!!