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The G FUEL Scoop: February 2018
30,01,2018 Pat Curran Comments (0)
The G FUEL Scoop: February 2018

Why so sour?? So, it's been a little while since we launched a new flavor AND we've kinda' been itching to drop some new heat on you guys AND we decided to go in a little bit of a new direction with this newest addition AND it may very well be the first of a brand-new line of G FUEL flavors AND well…here ya' go…INTRODUCING…SOUR CHERRY G FUEL!!! Just like the name suggests, it's super-sour and tastes like cherries! It'll be available in about a week or so - So, keep those eyes peeled and your notifications set to "ON!"

Cement Gray GFUEL Snapback

As you may or may not know, hats are a great way to improve your appearance in any setting - Which is why we decided to create a couple nifty little snapbacks that'll complement any hat-aficionado's collection! More specifically, we've launched our "Cement Gray G FUEL Logo Hat" (as shown above) and our Keemstar "Drama Alert" Hat (not shown, but here in spirit)! Be sure to head to our website to grab yours - They're in stock!

GFUEL Warehouse

We just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the hard-working, good-looking, amazing human beings who work in our state-of-the-art fulfillment facilities! If it weren't for their incredible efforts during these past few crazy months, nobody's G FUEL would've been sent out - Which also means that thousands of people around the world would've been sad and depressed! So, cheers to the fulfillment team! Lunch is on us.

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