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The G FUEL Scoop: May 2018
01,05,2018 G FUEL News Comments (0)
The G FUEL Scoop: May 2018
G FUEL Golden Apple PEar

Since the dawn of man, a legend has been passed from generation to generation - One that references the existence of a magical, forbidden fruit. A fruit capable of granting UNLIMITED ENERGY, OTHERWORLDLY FOCUS, and EVERLASTING ENDURANCE. “What is this fruit you speak of?!?!” you may be asking yourself. Why…The “GOLDEN APPLE” of course!!! But wait! There’s more! There is another, less-talked-about, less-sexy, random fruit that we decided to throw into the mix! The Pear! And why did we choose to throw a pear into this story?! Because every great story needs a plot twist!!! So, here it is… Introducing…GOLDEN APPLE PEAR G FUEL!!!

P.S. Don’t ask how we acquired the mythical Golden Apple (we had to crawl through a lot of dungeons, bribe a few corrupt kings, and fight some super-serious beasts to get our hands on it)! We bought the pear at a grocery store.

*Set to release mid-May*

WWE Shakers

If you haven’t already heard, we recently teamed up with the good folks over at THE WWE and Up-Up-Down-Down!!! And as part of our ground-breaking relationship with these esteemed entities, we’re releasing some incredible, wrestling-inspired Shakers! So, if you find yourself super-curious about the identities of these mysterious, much-anticipated Shakers, you should probably tune into the upcoming episode of Up-Up-Down-Down (launching early-May) – Because they’re gonna’ be teasing them! But hey, if you can’t catch the episode, no worries! We’ll be releasing them around the end of July! Stay tuned!



Keemstar G FUEL Shaker

Keemstar is known for a lot of things – Drama, eating popcorn, causing a ruckus in the online community, rockin’ a pointy beard, and now…his Shaker Cup! So, without further adieu…introducing…The “Keem Cup!” The time to join the Drama Alert Nation is now!!!

*Set to release Thursday, May 10th*